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for colleges and high schools

Through educational interventions and workshops led by specialists in their field, we invite students to dive into the heart of the Middle Ages, its music and its culture. We pay particular attention to the active participation of students in the workshops, which we build in partnership and in consultation with the management and the teachers involved in the project.

We operate throughout France and more specifically in the Centre-Val de Loire region.

All audience

Convivial evening-meetings on themes from the Middle Ages, traditionally followed by sharing a friendship glass !

Examples of topics covered in the past:

  • The Magi in the Middle Ages

  • The Plantagenêt

  • The jugglers

  • The pilgrimage in the Middle Ages

  • Sounds, signs, colors of the Middle Ages: introduction to medieval music


Diabolus in Musica offers medieval singing courses (Gregorian repertoire or minstrelsy) to be adapted according to your expectations, everywhere in France.A restitution concert in the company of the musicians of the ensemble can be envisaged to bring this music to life in front of an audience.

The Vermeil Booklet of Montserrat, a manuscript from the end of the Middle Ages (14th century) is an example of what it is possible to work on. The 10 pieces will make you discover a new universe: the role of the voices, the function of the songs, their form (ballad, virelai, song), the notation of the facsimile, the instrumental accompaniment of the fiddles, hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, harp and other percussion...

Diabolus in Musica also offers masterclasses.



How can we sing music that is 500, 800, 1000 years old today?

What approach should be taken, guided by what criteria?

It's a whole series of questions that arise as soon as we try to restore these monodies and polyphonies, as for all very old music.

Throughout these pages, you will find, for each repertoire covered by the ensemble, significant examples of rewritten or transcribed pieces, their manuscript source and comments that shed light on our work.


Musical Interpretation in Immersive Heritage Acoustics

This project aims to recreate the acoustics of a heritage site: the pontifical chapel of the Popes' Palace in Avignon, but also the re-interpretation of a medieval polyphonic musical corpus from the 14th century in a historically virtual acoustic context. informed.

Since 2020, IMAPI has made it possible to open collaborations between PRISM and the LAM laboratory (Institut Jean le Rond d'Alembert), the MMSH (Call for external projects), the Diabolus in Musica ensemble and Avignon Tourisme-Mairie D'Avignon .

The IMAPI project is led by Julien Ferrando, Lecturer in Ancient Music and New Technologies, PRISM and Aix-Marseille University.

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