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Tribute to the "Golden Voice" of Johannes Ockeghem

Release :2012

Pierre de La Rue
1 Plorer, gemir, crier


Jacob Obrecht

Missa Sicut Rosa Spinam

2 Kyrie
3 Gloria
4 Credo
5 Sanctus
6 Agnus dei


Josquin Desprez
7 Nymphes des Bois/Requiem

Antoine Busnoys
8 In hydraulis     

Johannes Lupus
9 Ergone canticuit   

Missa sicut rosa spinam Kyrie - Plorer gDiabolus in Musica
00:00 / 02:53


The work of Johannes Ockeghem influenced, even directly inspired a considerable number of musicians, contemporaries or immediate successors of the master Touraine. A lotof these talented composers took one of his works as a model, thus leaving eloquent testimonies of their admiration for him. All visited him and helped to popularize his image as the “benevolent father” of this amazing caste of musicians-singers-composers. The death of Ockeghem, in 1497 at a very respectable age, strongly moved this brilliant generation ensuring the transition between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and of course gave rise to the creation of moving music. Four motets of great stylistic variety, a complete polyphonic mass and an extraordinary poem of lamentation bring to life the moving tribute of Johannes Ockeghem's colleagues and friends.


This sublime music, sublimated by the disappearance of the great master, will be sung as tradition dictated in large cathedrals or collegiates: a cappella, with one or two singers per part depending on the works.


Mezzo-sopranos: Axelle Bernage - Marie Pouchelon

Violas: Frédéric Betous - Andres Rojas-Urrego

Tenors: Raphaël Boulay - Olivier Germond - Hugues Primard - Branislav Rakic

Bass: Emmanuel Vistorky - Philippe Roche


Recorded at Fontevraud Abbey from November 5 to 8, 2011

Sound recording, editing: Jean Marc Laisné


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"Diabolus in Musica shows itself at its best in Obrecht's ample and spectacular mass which is at the center of the recital."

David Fiala - Diapason, 2012

"This new production is an additional success to be credited to Diabolus in Musica, whose contribution to medieval discography is decidedly of constant quality, particularly in the field of sacred music. [...] therefore recommends without hesitation the acquisition of this magnificent et  demanding disc from Diabolus in Musica which is perhaps one of the most moving released by this ensemble to date."

Jean-Christophe Pucek - Past of the arts, September 2012

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