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Oral writing workshop
and music of the Middle Ages


Today's words and music from the Middle Ages

Come write and put your poems to music

Listen and memorize
Listen to the texts and poems, immerse yourself in them. Note what touches us to recover the raw material. Begin the work of memorizing the text. Listen to other poems to understand the breathing in the text, the functioning of orality.

Read, structure, make sense
Read aloud thanks to prior listening and memorization. Work on diction, understand the structure, the composition of the poem and give it meaning.

Put the lyrics to music
The musicians of Diabolus in Musica take over the texts produced and work with the participants on setting the texts to music. They will strive to transcribe the moods, to restore them musically as fi
possible detachment.

Poetic and theatrical restitution: the participants and the speaker will present their poems with 2 or 3 musicians from Diabolus in Musica.
Fiddle, voice and clavicytherium or organetto, will accompany the concert.

With Timothée LAINE

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