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(The Minstrels)

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 XIV century

Concerts given at:

October 11, 2023:  Opening of the cultural season of the City of Tours (37)

13 & May 14, 2023: Canto Mundi Exhibition in Gennevilliers (92)

September 30, 2022: Presentation at Château du Plessis, La Riche (37)


Concerts donnés à :

28 décembre 2024 - Forteresse royale de Chinon (37)


"From the fourteenth century, a new formation
instrumental music is called upon in cities and courtyards to accompany processions and festivities. With chalemie, bombarde and trumpet, the minstrels of Diabolus revive the music of these ensembles with prestigious sounds."

To revive the formations of minstrels and their outdoor music, this band of high instruments takes up the polyphonies of the 14th and 15th centuries, adapted for their instruments and their public.


This training was ideal for highlighting the important events of medieval society in music: weddings, political ceremonies, banquets, balls... It reflected the wealth of its employer, a real sonic coat of arms like the city, the prince , of the King…

The Diabolus minstrels will make you hear its brilliant sounds in concert or to honor any event of today that deserves it!

Duration: 45-minute concert, other event adaptable according to demand. Outdoor program possible.

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