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Thank you crying

Chatelain de Coucy

THANK YOU CLAMANT handwritten Arsenal 104.JPEG

Thank you crying


Thank you crying for my mad mistake,

Will make the end of my songs oïr,

Because trai has me and died knowingly,

My jealous hearts that I must hate so much,

If I have been harmed by the words of another people,

Everything started from me joyful talent,

And as much joy as I need, well is resounds,

May after my joy my songs end.


Of course it is places and poinz and sesons,

That all the goods of love must fail,

For I strengthen and I am the ache,

For whoever suffers badly, he must suffer very badly,

Dex must let my wars die,

Ainz that from me face bind the felons,

Because for my udder I will live and to see

My beautiful loss for more amenrir joy.


To all amanz pri that he should see it,

Li what must melz by right of amors joïr,

Or eye that loves to cue its power,

And don't cover up very well,

Or the eyelash that serves to deceive,

Well don't leave without disappointing.

Say, amanz, which is melz per reson:

Lawful madness or wise treason?


To war, don't they have been returned to the right,

Well mi deüst amors my place hold,

That I did it with good intention,

And well cuidai that I deüst to come from there,

But my lady doesn't want me badly, no

For this if hey me and my healing,

And when my max li are twelve and plesant,

For li me hey and follow my max vueillanz.


Hey frank nothings por who I muir amanz,

Festivities love in you more beautiful fenir.

Sister all nothings, is this the melz vaillanz,

And never mind, can I lie,

Because fin amanz cannot be avenanz,

To die does not leave for this suffering morrai,

And sing sanz joie and sanz finer,

That no longer must at the end of love think.

Thank you clamant - translation


Asking mercy for my crazy behavior,

I'll sound the end of my song,

Because my jealous heart that I must hate so much

Knowingly betrayed me.

He hurt me so much, by the words of other people,

That all happy desires have left me,

And when joy fails me, it's only right

That after my joy, end my songs.


I know well that there are places, times and seasons

Where all the goods of love are lacking,

Because I did wrong and I am the cause,

For whoever seeks evil must suffer evil,

May God make death my reward,

As felons rejoice over me,

'Cause I'll live for the worst and to see

My beautiful loss, and to annihilate all joy.


To all lovers I pray to tell the truth,

Which one should enjoy love better by justice:

Or he who loves with his heart, according to his capacity,

And who doesn't know how to protect himself very well,

Or he who always serves for the purpose of deceiving,

But knows how to part with it without deceiving,

Say, lovers, what is better:

Loyal folly, or wise betrayal?


If the rewards were given with justice,

Love should have satisfied me,

For I did it in a good spirit,

And I thought it should have happened,

But my lady means me no harm,

For this I hate myself and my healing,

And if my misfortunes are sweet and pleasant to him,

For her I hate myself and I desire my misfortunes.


Hey, noble person, for whom I die as a lover,

Bring love to a beautiful end within you!

Is she not the bravest of all people?

And yet I can well fail him,

For a courteous lover cannot be agreeable,

If death doesn't win, that's why I'll die in pain,

And I will sing joylessly and endlessly

That I no longer need to think about the goal of love.

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