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 Missa Le Serviteur


April 07, 2024 - Mornings at Noirlac Abbey (18)

Mass by Guillaume Faugues

Motet by Philippe Basiron

15th century

Past concerts:

(c) Pierre Planchenault


«Works fragrant with sweetness, worthy of accompanying the immortal gods.»

This program highlights the four-voice polyphonic mass, Missa Le serviteur, composed by Guillaume Faugues. Little is known about this composer, apart from his attested presence as chaplain at the Sainte-Chapelle in Bourges in 1462-1463.  

Missa Le serviteur is one of five masses composed by Guillaume Faugues. It is based on the tune of a song Le serviteur hault guerdonné, composed by the famous composer Guillaume Dufay. This borrowing process became known as «mass-parody». This mass may have been composed in Italy for the coronation of Pope Pius II in Rome in 1458, before the composer came to Bourges.

The mass will be accompanied by a motet by Philippe Basiron, a composer who was a choirboy at the Sainte-Chapelle in Bourges, where he was probably taught by Guillaume Faugues.

Coproduction : Abbaye de Noirlac - Centre culturel de rencontre

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