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Festival dell'Ascensione - Milano

"There is a particular repertoire whose meaning you only understand when you can feel its physical vibration. The 1200 organs at Notre-Dame are exactly such: the power of the timbred voices, forcibly seeking consonance even after powerful dissonances have been eliminated, the need for the ear to 'stay there' for a while, to perpetuate listening in these rhythmic modules and their harmonic reunions, to feel oneself inside a space. Always in vibration.

We have excluded the body from listening for too long: the Middle Ages still offer us lessons on how to live what belongs to us by remembering WHY it belongs to us, because it was worth inventing a script to save something that had been perfectly done for decades, by improvising. Because it's good for us. Deeply. All the time.

Well-being' has different contents for everyone: yesterday the Ensemble Diabolus in Musica and Nicolas Sansarlat enabled us to give a dimension to certain pages in the history of music and, in a raw, objective, crystalline way as only medieval music can do, to remind us that we are made of the most convincing spirituality and in its most effective rendering: of bodily perception and infinite creativity."

Giuditta Comerci, Artistic director of the festival

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