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The Roman de Renart at the Rabière college in Joué-lès-Tours

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

A 5th grade class from the Rabière college in Joué-lès-Tours was able to discover The Roman de Renart through music and theater thanks to the initiative of their teachers: Ms Anne Giffard and Odile Cocset. For several weeks, Axelle Bernage and Nicolas Sansarlat went to meet college students to introduce them to music in the Middle Ages, and make them sing melodies on the cunning Renart. Melodies from the 13th and 14th centuries taken from the Roman Renart le Nouvel, as well as other later ones related to the branches they were to stage.

Then, Thursday, June 08, stage fright and emotion were palpable on the boards of the Jacques Brel room for the restitution of their work, after many adventures of the goupil, we were finally able to put him on trial! A huge congratulations to the budding actors and a thank you to their teachers Madam Cocset, Madam Giffard, Madam Gobby, Madam Lablée, Madam Vasseur, and Mister Dutertre, who also supported them.

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