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For coldness not for yver felon

Thibaud de Champagne



Pour froidure ne pour yver felonDiabolus in Musica
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For coldness not for yver felon


For coldness not for yver felon

Won't let

That a song does not face love,

And if I say

May he who loves repent if he stinks!

Everyone says it, but to lie it is.

Who loves well, he can't leave,

As long as the weapon is gone.


For me the di, that I put it is right;

I tried.

More take advice of if made achoison,

I wonder more;

What it was about my fine mute dressing.

More sides a li and more in i apleet.

Lady, thank you! I cannot fail you;

Ainçois will be seas for failed rain.


Lady, if I have my granz maus paour,

Don't worry,

Que bien poez alleviate my pain.

And you leave

Song, a li, if li di crying

It's a thank you for love while sighing

Well worth a hundred tanz at the end lëaul ami

That no friend could cook for anything.


Strong are li laz and grant li covertour,

It's not gas,

In whom it is who loves by love.

And what will you say,

Since I know and know its semblance

And I toing myself towards his people?

Was it taken from me, then not seized?

Oïl, certainly, I never relinquish it.


No one could do this badly

For yours, lady, well it can last;

And please obligate us,

May no faith my hearts obligate you.

Despite the cold and harsh winter

Despite the cold and harsh winter,

I will not miss

To make a love song

And I will say

May he who loves repent of it, if he can.

Everyone claims to love, driven to lie.

Who loves well cannot separate from love

Until his soul separates from the body.


I say it for me, to whom I hold accounts,

I blamed myself.

The more I think about this question

The more troubled I am,

For trouble arises from my tender thoughts.

The more I think about her, the more my confusion increases.

Lady, please! I cannot fail you,

No more than the sea will disappear for lack of rain.


Lady, if I dread my harsh ills,

Don't be upset,

Because you can easily ease my pain.

And you go to her

Song, and tell him crying

Only a small sign of pity obtained by sighs

Worth a hundred times more for a perfect and loyal friend

What her friend could not imagine.


Formidable are the laces and the nets

-It is not a joke-

Where falls the one who loves with love.

And what to say,

Since I know and know his ways

And that I rank among his people?

Did she take me, embrace and seize me?

Yes, certainly, and she will never be deprived of it.


No one but you could, lady,

Imagine the duration of this evil.

Please don't forget it

Because at no time does my heart forget you.

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