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Sacred Works of Jean Mouton

Chapel Master of François 1er

Released: 2015

1 Missa quem dicunt homines: kyrie
2 Missa quem dicunt homines: gloria


3 Magnificat of the fourth tone
4 Antequam comedas suspiro
5 Exalta regina gallie
6 Domine salvum me fac regem
7 Ave Maria gratia plena

8 Exsultet conjubilando
9 Da Pacem Dominates
10 O Maria, Virgo pia
11 Moriens lux amantissima
12 Ave Maria gratia dei
13 Salva Dominates Us

14 Missa quem dicunt homines: sanctus

15 Missa quem dicunt homines: agnus dei

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Missa Quem dicunt homines IIIDiabolus in Musica
00:00 / 06:14


From his real name Jehan de Hollingue, Mouton was born in Haut-Wignes, near Boulogne sur Mer around 1459. He entered the service of Queen Anne of Brittany from 1502 and remained attached to the court of Kings Louis XII then François 1er in least until 1518 before ending his days at the Collegiate Church of Saint-Quentin on October 30, 1522. He became the quasi-official composer of the court, also adored by Pope Leo X.Mouton's reputation is immense with his contemporaries, equal to that of the great Josquin Desprez, a composer to whom he is related both by biography and by the power of an imposing and still too little-known work: more than 100 motets, 9 Magnificat , 15 masses and 25 songs.


The program highlights Mouton's luminous and diverse talents by addressing many pieces that have not been sung since the 16th century.


On the strength of their rich experience in the repertoires of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the two ensembles will pool the qualities of the great vocal personalities who compose them and who have built their reputation.


Clement Janequin set- Direction Dominique VISSE

Dominique Visse: countertenor - Hugues Primard: tenor - Vincent Bouchot: baritone - Renaud Delaigue: bass

Diabolus in Musica Ensemble- Director Antoine GUERBER

Axelle Bernage: mezzo-soprano - Branislav Rakic: tenor - Raphaël Boulay: tenor - Emmanuel Vistorky: bass-baritone


Recorded at Fontevraud Abbey from January 14 to 17, 2015

Sound recording, editing: Jean Marc Laisné


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"The eight singers admirably know how to stretch the lines of this counterpoint renowned both for its virtuoso canons and the softness of its melodies. Their homogeneity, their accuracy and their legato are supported in a good part of the disc by a discreet organ, captured in withdrawal of the voices [...] To these essential prerequisites in this type of repertoire, the interpretation adds two qualities which are lacking in many of their colleagues [...] first, the strong individuality of the grains of solo voices, perfectly assumed and mastered, starting with that of Dominique Visse, whose legato sometimes borders on the port of voice; then, a real talent to vary the vocal colors and the atmospheres"

David Fiala - Diapason, October 2015

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