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The games, the rhetoric, the habits and customs of courtly love.
The Middle Ages fascinate children and increasingly influence the imagination of adolescents thanks to visual and artistic media: video games, cinema, television, literature...

What about love? And if this craze provided the opportunity for a little reminder: how did we talk about love?
How did you address to your lover? What were the codes? The vocabulary ? The iconography?

Through poetry, music and writing, middle school students will discover texts that deal with amorous passion, friendship, filial love, the desire or absence of the loved one.
At the very beginning of the 12th century, for the first time, artists sang their passions in the vernacular language and no longer in Latin.

This workshop will be offered to 6th and 4th graders. The Middle Ages is on the 6th grade program and the 4th grade study love in literature in the device “Say love”.

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