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12th century Latin songs

Released: 2003

1 Promissa mundo gaudia
2 Vitam duxi

3 Sevit aure spiritus
4 Spoliatum flora pratum
5 Mundi princeps eicitur
6 Leto leta concio
7 Jam dulcis amica

8 O labilis sortis
9 O sedes apostolica
10 Gloria si mundi
11 Dum medium
12 Sic mea fata
13 O Maria

14 O mens cogita

15 Turmas arment

16 Virgo mater

17 Gratulemur

18 Passionis emuli

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Spoliatum flore pratumDiabolus in Musica
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Carmina gallica, French songs... The literal translation of this title has special, very contemporary resonances for the man of the 21st century, but the poetry and music in our program all date from the period from the end of the 11th at the very beginning of the 13th century. It is largely secular music, some paraliturgical pieces having nevertheless their place, justified by the very close links that bind secular and sacred poetry at that time. All are in Latin and are the work of clerics: songs of love, of lamentation, of jubilation, narrations, dance songs, sequences, pious conduits;;; All these poems, written in a language that is now dead, testify to an unsuspected greenness and freshness. Singing them nearly eight hundred years later is the best way for us to be touched by this 12th century so far removed from us and to understand it.


Soprano: Aino Lund-Lavoipierre

Tenors: Raphaël Boulay - Antoine Guerber

Baritone: Jean-Paul Rigaud

Bowed fiddle: Brice Duisit

Percussion: Antoine Guerber

Recorded in Paris in October 2002

Sound recording, editing: Jean Marc Laisné


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"The voices happily play on immediate emotion, they lean on the words with a perceptible voluptuousness. In short, they have body and give off an astonishing force. The result is jubilant!"

François Camper - Directory, 2004


"Antoine Guerber and his Diabolus in Musica ensemble have approached a varied range of these Latin poems in a very pleasant way for the listener. With the bowed fiddle, and occasionally, percussion as accompaniment, they give us a clear version and above all believable of these songs. A magnificent recording highly recommended."

Alison Bullock - International Record Review, October 2005

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