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Trouvères songs and polyphonies

Released: 1995

1 L'autrier matin
2 Li dous regars
3 Les oisellons de mon païs
4 La quinte estampie royal
5 Devers Chastelvilain
6 A jointes mains
7 Hé Diex quant verrai

8 Tebor et Omnes
9 Dex est aussi
10 Quant la sesons
11 Belle com loiaus amans
12 Ecce mundi

13 Trop désir

14 Fines amouretes

15 Hac in die

16 Virgo

17 Roÿne celestre

18 Diex comment porroie

19 Je muir, je muir

20 Lasse, que deviendrai-gié

21 La prime estampie royal

22 Hareu li maus d'amer

23 A Dieu commant

24 Salve virgo virginum

The Ladies' bedroom (72 dpi).jpg
L'autrier matinDiabolus in Musica
00:00 / 03:11


The 12th and 13th centuries, the peak of the Middle Ages, saw the art of trouvères flourish throughout northern France, following their Occitan precursors, the troubadours. They decline courtly love in all its forms and this recording presents us with this extraordinary variety of musical styles (monodic singing, accompanied by instruments, polyphonies with two or three voices, instrumental dances, motets, clauses, etc.).

Without worrying about completeness, this recording favors the most aristocratic style of song, considered by contemporaries to be of the highest quality: the grand courtly song, or "cantus coronatus" of the theoreticians of the 13th century. With the exception of Colin Muset's song "Devers Chastelvilain", all the other pieces more or less belong to this aristocratic style. The Lady's love is of course the central theme, codified, inaccessible, sacred love, in which beauty and carnal desire nevertheless take on great importance. The Lady becomes the suzerain, when she is not the first among them: the Virgin Mary, to whom the poets testify their love in the same terms and with the same passion as to the "lady below" .


Soprano: Catherine Sergent

Tenors: Raphaël Boulay - Antoine Guerber

Bass-baritone: Emmanuel Vistorky

Guitern: Antoine Guerber

Bowed fiddle: Florence Rebeyrolle

lute, percussion: Brice Duisit

Recorded in the church of Etouars from September 7 to 11, 1994

Sound recording, editing: Emmanuel Thery


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"The whole has found a tone and a personality that no technical perfection can replace."

Marc Desmet - The world of music, November 1995


"A talent that combines the intuition of the texts with a rare intelligence of the strictly musical approach."

Roger Tellart - Diapason, July 1995

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