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Guillaume Du Fay

Released: 2007

1 Pour ce que veoir je ne puis
2 Hélas mon deuil

3 Mille bonjours (clavier)
4 Hélas, et quant vous veray ?
5 Je languis en piteux martire
6 Mon chier amy qu'avés vous empensé
7 Mit ganczem Willem (C.Paumann, clavier)

8 C'est bien raison de devoir essaucier
9 Resvelliés vous et faites chere lye
10 Franc cuer gentil (clavier)
11 Franc cuer gentil
12 S'il est plaisir que je vous puisse faire
13 Par le regard de vos beaux yeux

14 Se la face ay pale (clavier)

15 Je veuil chanter de cuer joyeux

16 Mille bonjours

17 Entre vous, gentils amoureux

18 Puisque vous estez campieur

19 He, compaignons, resvelons nous

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Je veuil chanter de cuer joyeuxDiabolus in Musica
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Guillaume Du Fay is one of the great representatives of French musical genius. His imposing work achieves a dazzling apotheosis of the Middle Ages. In addition to impressive motets and masses, the Cambrésian master wrote more than 80 secular songs during his long life, veritable gems of melodic, rhythmic and poetic inventiveness. These masterpieces demonstrate an extreme refinement and an extraordinary science of counterpoint, in the various forms of the rondeau, the ballade, the bergerette or the chanson-motet, while privileging, in the amazing expression, simplicity and naturalness. Graceful lightness, joy, invitation to optimism, restrained amorous joy characterize most of these songs; others giving way to melancholy and more serious feelings.


Soprano: Aino Lund-Lavoipierre

Altos: Frédéric Bétous - Andrés Rojas-Urrego

Tenor: Raphael Boulay

Bowed fiddle: Evelyne Moser - Domitille Vigneron

Clavicytherium: Julien Ferrando

Guitern: Antoine Guerber

Recorded at the Ferme de Villefavard from October 13 to 16, 2006

Sound recording, editing: Jean Marc Laisné


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"This recording is a great aesthetic achievement."

Mathias Le Rider -, 2008

"We have been waiting for a foray as complete as this into the world of Guillaume Du Fay's songs for a long time. Diabolus in Musica pays particular attention to the distribution of vocal and instrumental timbres."

Marc Desmet - The world of music, December 2007

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