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School of Notre-Dame, 1170 - 1240

Released: 2006

1 Benedicamus Domino, organum à 3

2 Deus misertus, conduit à 4

3 Sursum corda, conduit à 2

4 Descendit de celis, organum à 3

5 Mundus vergen, conduit à 4

6 Olim sudor herculis, conduit à 1

7 Veri floris sub figura, conduit à 3

8 Naturas deus regulis, conduit à 3

9 O Maria virginei, conduit à 3

Sursum cordaDiabolus in Musica
00:00 / 06:19


From the 1150s, the city of Paris became a preponderant place of musical creation. New styles of polyphonies, which today we call the School of Notre-Dame, will develop from the Parisian cathedral and neighboring churches. Very quickly, the processes of Parisian composers will be copied, sung, imitated throughout Europe. Today, _Paris Expers Paris_ (Paris without equal) presents an entirely new facet of this magnificent repertoire.


Tenors: Raphaël Boulay - Olivier Germond

Baritone: Jean-Paul Rigaud

Baritones - bass: Geoffroy Buffière - Emmanuel Vistorky - Christophe Grapperon

Recorded at the Abbaye de Fontevraud from September 28 to October 1, 2005

Sound recording, editing: Jean Marc Laisné


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"Diabolus now has a tone of its own, and it must be admitted that in the dense, almost rocky sonorities of 13th century polyphony, the nervous holding of the line which characterizes it is close to ideal."

Marc Desmet - the world of music, December 2006


"Antoine Guerber has reconstructed the founding pages of the School of Notre-Dame by injecting them with extraordinary life and energy. [...] Depending on the subject, we dance, we shudder, we fly away."

La record of the week, November 2006

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