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Religious songs in langue d'oïl, 13th and  14th centuries

Released: 2000

1 Vierge Marie douce et piteuse
2 Je vos salu-Et Illuminare benoite est et sera

3 On doit la Mère Dieu honorer
4 Nete comme argent
5 Moutl fu Marie
6 Quant voi la flor novele
7 Aymans fins et verais

8 Deix puissans misericors
9 Mère au sauveour
10 He, Mère diu-La Virge Marie-Aptatur
11 Chanter voel or m'en souvient
12 Efforcier m'estuet
13 Je te pri de cuer par amors

14 Vierge Estoille tresmontaine

15 Entendes tot a cest sermon

16 Je voi le jour, deurenleu !

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Quant Voi La Flor NoveleDiabolus in Musica
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Stemming from the revival of religious song during the 13th century, songs in the langue d'oïl provide excellent testimony to the devotional practice of the time, particularly with regard to the figure of Mary. Introduced by Gautier de Coinci at the beginning of this century, singing in the vernacular transposed the expression of courtly elegance to a higher dimension, that of the sacred.

Our interpretation, mixing women's voices and men's voices, is not placed in the context of the convent but rather in that of the court of the king or a great prince, within the framework of a recreational entertainment, but also edifying . We favor the two instruments most used by the clerical creators and interpreters of this music: the portable organ, which recalls the religious context while leaving the liturgy, and the bowed fiddle, king instrument of the Middle Ages, whose chords precise details are known to us thanks to the famous treatise of Jérôme de Moravie, written in his Dominican convent of the rue Saint Jacques in Paris, around 1280.


Soprano: Aino Lund-Lavoipierre

Tenors: Raphaël Boulay - Antoine Guerber

Baritone: Jean-Paul Rigaud

Bowed fiddle: Brice Duisit

Portable organ: Christophe Deslignes

Recorded at the Abbaye de Fontevraud from September 18 to 21, 2000

Sound recording, editing: Jean Marc Laisné


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"Disciplined and just as devout, Antoine Guerber and his family are among the very rare ensembles to present here a perfect profile, both mystical and popular. From now on, all medievalists have an appointment with this album."

Roger Tellart - Diapason, 2002

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