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Conduits of the School of Notre Dame

Released: 1998

1 Vetus abit litera-Conduit
2 Ecce tempus gaudii-Rundellus

3 Pater Noster attribué à Pérotin-Conduit
4 Homo cur degeneras-Conduit
5 Hac in Die Salutari-Conduit
6 Serena virginum-Manere-Motet-Conduit
7 Vide prophecie-Viderunt omnes Pérotin-Motet

8 Nicholai presulis-Conduit
9 Nicholaus pontifex-Rundellus
10 Salvatoris hodie Pérotin-Conduit
11 Vade retro sathanas-Conducit
12 Vhe proclamet clericorum-Conduit
13 Ver pacis aperit-Conduit

14 Ave Maris stella-Conduit

15 Latex Silica-Latus-Motet-Conduit

16 Veris ad imperia-Conduit

17 A solis ortus megrim-Rundellus

18 Excitatur caritas-Conduit

19 Mors attribué à Pérotin-Motet

20 Benedicamus Domino attribué à Pérotin-Organum

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Ecce tempus gaudii (Rundellus)Diabolus in Musica
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In the 13th century, Paris became the largest city in Europe as well as its major artistic centre. New musical styles developed there, notably at Notre-Dame Cathedral, characterized by the superb polyphonies of Léonin and Pérotin and by the introduction of rhythmic modes. The program of this CD favors the conducted genre, song originally intended to accompany a trip to the heart of the office. The conduit designates compositions that stand out from the Gregorian by newly created poems and melodies and by the introduction of polyphony.


Tenors: Raphaël Boulay - Antoine Guerber

Baritone: Jean-Paul Rigaud

Bass-baritone: Emmanuel Vistorky

Bass: Philippe Roche

Recorded at the Abbaye de Fontevraud from September 7 to 10, 1997

Sound recording, editing: Jean Marc Laisné


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"A real masterstroke for this young ensemble. Diabolus in Musica thus brings with this "vox sonata" a "size" stone to the discographic edifice of the Notre Dame school and to Gothic polyphonies."

Jean-François Goudesenne - Diapason, 1998

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