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Jerusalem complains

Huon de St-Quentin

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Jerusalem complains


Jerusalem complains and li pais

U Dameldiex sousfri died gently

Que deça mer a poi of his friends

Ki de son cor li face but deny.

If there is a case of judgment

And del saint liu u he suffered torment

When he pardons his death Longis,

The descroisier fesissent must be considered;

Because who for God takes the believe purely,

He denies it when he returns it,

And how Judas will fall into paradise.


Our pastor badly keep their berbis

As for deniers cascuns al leu les vents,

But what sins has taken them all under

They put God in oblivion for the money

What will become of the rich garnish

They acquire badly enough

False loiers who have crusaders taken?

Know to see that they will be taken back,

Se lieauties and Dius and times do not lie.

Retolu have and Achre and Belleent

What cascuns had in Diu pramis.


Ki will never dare in no sermon

Of God speaking in place n'em moustier,

Don't announce, don't do well, don't forgive,

[Quant nu ne vuet ne faire n'ensaiier]

Something that can help our Signer

To the earth conquer and gaaignier

U de son sang paia no raençon?

Lord prelate, it's not good

Who his secors do so much detrier:

Your aves done, this poet we testify,

Of Deu Rolant and of your Guenelons.


In the one who is not right,

He knows if he doesn't avenge

Those who love God are out of jail

And to oster the souls of danger

Then we die here, we don't have to heal again

Paine no shame no destorbier.

For God is everything when we do in his name

Ki will make such a war

That hearts of ome nel poroit esprisier,

Because paradise in bird's eye macaw,

N'aic for so little n'ot bare so rich gift

Jerusalem complains - translation


Jerusalem complains, and the land

Where the Lord in his meekness suffered death, complains

May God have only a few of his friends on this side of the sea

Who don't want to help him.

If he reminded everyone of the last judgment

And from the holy place where he endured torment

When he forgave Longinus his death,

It is more difficult to uncross;

For he who with a pure heart takes the cross for God,

He denies it the day he gives it back,

And, like Judas, he will lose Paradise.


Our shepherds/priests look after their sheep badly,

When they sell them to the wolf for denarii;

But sin seized them all in such a way,

That they forgot God for the money.

What will they do with the rich goods

That they acquire by great villainy

With the shameful contributions levied by them on the Crusaders?

Know in truth that this will be reproached to them,

If loyalty, God and faith do not lie.

They flew to Acre and Bethlehem

What the Crusaders had promised to give to God.


Who will ever dare in no sermon

Talking about God in the squares or in the churches

And announce pardons and indulgences,

When no one wants to try

Nothing that can help our Lord

To conquer the land

Where did he pay our ransom with his blood?

Lord prelates, it's neither beautiful nor good

To delay his rescue so long.

You did, in truth

From God Roland, and from you Ganelon.


There's no wisdom or reason

In him who recognizes these things, if he does not help to avenge

those who, beyond the sea, are in prison for God

And to remove their souls from peril.

Since one dies just as well here, one should not fear

Pain or boredom, affront or damage.

Everything we do in the name of God is a gift we make to God

Who will pay each a reward such

that no human heart can appreciate,

It is paradise that we will receive in salary,

And never has anyone received such a rich gift for so little.

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