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Our quality commitments

And for good reason. Diabolus is not energy intensive! No microphone or sound or visual projections and even less special effects, our musicians travel by public transport, with their voice or their old instruments. The needs for technical means on transfer contracts are limited to their simplest expressions: water, stools and sufficient light. ​


The Diabolus in Musica ensemble is sensitive to environmental issues in the impact of its activities. The Diabolus in Musica structure is a member of the ARVIVA association (Arts Vivants, Arts Durables- Living Arts, Sustainable Arts) which brings together actors from the entertainment world to question the practices of the entertainment professions in order to improve their impact on the environment, and to change them. to transform our models.

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For transport, permanent employees travel by bicycle or bus to their place of work, and telework is practiced as soon as possible. For artists, the train is the most widely used means of transport. The rehearsal locations are chosen in such a way as to minimize transport as much as possible, namely as close as possible to the majority of the artists employed on each project. Now the aircraft is only used for one international project per year. This annual international project is not limited to a single concert but several, and is enriched with cultural actions to enhance this unique trip. ​


The adoption of ecological principles makes sense at Diabolus in Musica: sorting of waste in the office, purchase of water bottles for each artist with refusal of plastic bottles in the projects, project roadmaps mentioning small responsible gestures and addresses close to each workplace.

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