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Johannes Ciconia

Released: 2011

1 I. Petrum Marcello Venetum - O Petre antistes inclite
2 II. O virum omnimoda - O lux et decus - O beate Nicholae
3III. Ut per te omnes celitus - Ingens alumnus Padua
4IV. Gloria No.3
5 V. Gloria No. 4
6 VI. Gloria spiritus et alme No. 6
7VII. Venecie, mundi splendor - Michael qui Stena domus

8 VIII. Gloria suscipe trinitas

9IX. O beatum incendium

10 X.O felix templum incendium

11XI. Gloria No.9

12 XII. Doctorum principem - Melodia suavissima - Vir mitis

13 XIII. Gloria No.1

14 XXIV. Credo No. 2

15 XV. Albane, misse celitus - Albane doctor maxime

16 XVI. Gloria spiritus et alme No. 5

17 XVII. Credo No. 10

18 XVIII. Gloria No.8

19 XIX. O Padua sidus preclarum

SECULAR MUSIC (CD1 - see booklet)

Albane, misse celitus - Albane doctor maximeDiabolus in Musica
00:00 / 03:12


Active in Venice and Padua at the beginning of the 15th century, Johannes Ciconia is undoubtedly the most important composer of this period of transition. Originally from Liège, nourished by the principles of the French and Italian Ars Nova, he played a considerable role in the musical evolution which gradually led to the Renaissance. His work covers all genres of the time: French songs, Italian ballads and madrigals, occasional motets in Latin as well as mass movements that announce the golden age of the genre in the 15th century.

This integral is entrusted to two remarkable ensembles well known from the catalogs of Outhere: La Morra for secular music and Diabolus In Musica for religious works and occasional motets.


Viola: Frédéric Betous - Andrés Rojas-Urrego

Sopranos: Aino Lund-Lavoipierre - Estelle Nadau

Tenors: Raphaël Boulay -  Olivier Germond

Bass-baritone: Emmanuel Vistorky

Bass: Philippe Roche

Organetto: Guillermo Perez

Sackbut: Franck Poitrineau - Fabien Dornic

Recorded at the Collegiate Church of Champeaux in September 2010

Sound recording, artistic direction: Jean Marc Laisné


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"The result is magnificent."

Marie-Aude Roux - The World, September 2011

"After listening to these two discs in all respects generous, it is the enthusiasm and the admiration which are at the rendezvous in front of an achievement of such high and constant quality, whether it is the one recorded pieces or interpretation, where one will look in vain for a weak moment."

Jean-Christophe Pucek - past of the arts, September 2011

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