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Concerts given at:

May 22, 2016

Visit of the church of Tavant and the church of Rivière

September 27, 2015

Visit of the Church of Notre-Dame de Fougeray and the Abbey of Cormery, Visit of the Priory of Saint Jean-du-Gray

The heritage told and sublimated by medieval music


Pour froidure ne pour yver felonDiabolus in Musica
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"A journey through time where we rediscover the historical heritage of our beautiful region in the company of a guide and performers from Diabolus in Musica."

Our ensemble wishes to take the inhabitants of the region to the (re)discovery of monuments belonging to the medieval heritage of the Centre-Val de Loire Region. World famous for its Renaissance castles, our region conceals a very large number of monuments dating from the Middle Ages: castles, churches, priories and other abbeys, witnesses of a period rich in history(s), culture and art.


During the same day, the participants will visit two different places, accompanied by Christine Bousquet, lecturer in medieval history at the University of Tours. It will tell the story of these places in response to the polyphonies, motets and other lines of our singers. These musical performances will take place either in the open air or inside the historic sites.


A time of exchange can be organized between the singers, our artistic director and the public.

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